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The Glenbrook Community Athletic pleased to offer online registration for its athletic camps. We offer many athletic camps giving our students the opportunity to improve their athletic abilities as well as explore new interests. There are fun, exciting camps just waiting for you to enjoy!

Online Registration is Easy!



You may securely register online by using your Visa or MasterCard Debit or Credit Card for payment or by check (payable to District 225) and submitting to District 225 Administration Bldg. 3801 W Lake Ave., Suite 100, in Glenview. Just select the camp or camps you want to register for then make your's that easy.

Please contact Linda Regal at 847-486-4717 or 


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A non-refundable convenience fee of $4.00 per transaction will apply to all on-line credit card transactions.
District 225 does not receive any portion of this convenience fee. Unlike a private, for-profit business, the District cannot absorb the discount fee associated with credit card processing as a cost of doing business, or increase fees to all users to cover these costs. Credit card companies charge fees, usually absorbed by the business and factored into the price of the goods or service they charge consumers.  District 225 chooses not to have taxpayers subsidize those who use the on-line credit card payment option. Should you choose to use this option, then you will pay for the convenience fee.